The extraordinary Muay Thai Shorts Universe Galaxy comes with 4 sacred and magical signs (Sak Yant / Talisman). Many muay thai fighters have a sak yant tattoo. The symbols protect, bless and give the wearer warrior skills and power.

Front left: Gao Yord is one of the most powerful sak yants and protects its wearer from all evil and bad
Front right: Paed Tidt symbols the 8 Buddha incarnations and guides you in all cardinal directions
Back left: Tiger Yant Suea (Twin Tigers) is very popular in Muay Thai because it gives the wearer strenght and authority
Back right: Hah Taew is one of the oldest sak yant and every line is a mantra for luck, success etc. ...

✔ Premium Satin - ultra light and super soft
✔ 100% original Hand-Made in Thailand
✔ 5 rows of high quality elastic waist band
✔ colors never fade, fabric never shrinks
✔ easy care - wash and wear, fully machine washable
✔ extreme durable - made to last!
✔ 30 days money back guarantee - no ifs, no buts!

Universe Galaxy

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