Since Muay Thai started becoming commercialized in the US, many gyms began offering low quality Muay Thai training. Florida Muay Thai recognized this issue and reacted strongly.

We have created the opportunity for our own community, and fighters from around the world, to train Muay Thai with legitimate coaches and guidance. At Florida Muay Thai we are determined to maintain the integrity of our work and remain the best Muay Thai gym in Orlando. With that being said, our goal is to offer the highest quality training to every member that comes through the door.

We strive to serve the community in a different way; people should come here to forget about their daily struggles. We want our facility to be a place people see as a “safe haven.”


We train adults, teens, and kids of all ages and skill level.


Florida Muay Thai

Whether you’re interested in Muay Thai for fitness, self-defense, or professional competition, our fully-equipped facility and knowledgeable training staff offers group and individual programs for all fitness levels.

Florida Muay Thai Training 

Our dynamic workouts will engage every muscle in your body as you build strength, flexibility, and stamina. If you’re looking to lose weight, or build a firm foundation for your competitive fighting, this high intensity workout will challenge you in all the right ways.

Get off the treadmill and begin to work out in a way that engages your mind and strengthens your body. At Florida Muay Thai you will belong to a supportive community of fitness lovers are martial arts fighters. You will also benefit from our team of top-notch professional trainers who will teach you self-discipline, self-defense techniques, and will sculpt your body into the powerhouse you are. Take your body to the next level and stop by Florida Muay Thai to get started.